Redoutes Book, Anatomical watercolours.

I was successful as a student, achieved a first class hons degree in Painting and sold my degree show which funded a 2 year trip around South East Asia. On my return I was accepted to the Slade and at the end of my post grad I was awarded the Gillian Award by SACI in Florence for a year before taking up a two year residency at Belfast Printworkshop in the 1990s. The day I arrived in Belfast a huge bomb blew a section of the business area of the city including the Arts Council gallery. I salvaged a book Redoutes Most Beautiful flowers from the bonfire of all the destroyed books full of glass and water damaged, I worked painting anatomical specimens at the City Hospital in partnership with Redoutes flowers also cut at the stem, I sought visual equivalents between the body parts and the flower specimens. Both plants and humans cut down in their prime, a meditation on violence, beauty
and decay. The water damaged book continues to grow mold at the centre of every folio.


Redoutes Book of water colour paintings by Oona Hyland

gall bladder.jpg

©2021 by Oona Hyland.